Top Three Wellbeing Articles - Week of December 4th 2017

December 11 2017 / by Mari Ryan

Each week I read a number of wellbeing articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks from this week. I have added my comments about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Millenials See Paternity Leave as a Priority. by Ronald Alsop (NYTimes)

Alsop writes about the expanding trend of family friendly policies (maternity/paternity leave), especially in technology, financial services and other industries where the fight for talent is cut throat. Sadly, he also reports that the US remains the only developed country that doesn't require paid parental leave. 

My comments: Family friendly policies are an important talent management strategy to help attract and retain employees. With the US being so far behind adoption of these types of policies, we can only hope that the pressure from the recruiting side pushes companies in this direction.

Why Grateful Employees Produce the Best Results at Work. by Danielle Whyte (

Whyte writes that appreciation is largely missing from the workplace. Showing appreciation motivates employees, cultivates helping behavior, and fosters good social connections.

My comments: Who doesn't like being appreciated. This is a wonderful way to show respect and caring for our colleagues. It is a great reminder of something we all should do more of.

Emailing While You're on Vacation Is a Quick Way to Ruin Company Culture. by Katie Denis (Harvard Business Review)

Denis reports results from Project: Time Off research that shows that "just 14% of managers unplug when they’re on vacation. At the most senior levels of leadership, a mere 7% do." Emailing on vacation sends the message that time off is not really time off. The impact to the organization is significant: "Company cultures that don’t support unplugging have employees that are less engaged and less committed to the organization."

My comments: Vacation time is intended to give employees a time to restore energy, disconnect from work, and to re-engage with family members. When a culture doesn't support and encourage employees to do this, they are hurting the organization overall. What is your organization doing to help employees unplug?

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Mari Ryan

Written by Mari Ryan

Mari Ryan is the CEO/founder of AdvancingWellness and is a recognized expert in the field of workplace well-being strategy.