Top Three Wellbeing Articles - Week of January 22nd, 2018

January 26 2018 / by Mari Ryan

Each week I read a number of wellbeing articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks from this week. I have added my comments about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

This week we focused on a theme of healthy eating in the workplace. Don't miss this blog 'Nourish or Nosh: Food at Work .' or this video interview with Leslee McGovern, RD, LDN.

Clif Bar's café showcases company's wellness goals. by Mike Buzalka (Food Management)

Health snack make Clif Bar & Co is the first corporate dining operation to receive Gold Certification in sustainability and nutrition from the US Healthful Food Council. The food service operation excels at limiting pre-packaged/processed foods and use of local produce and meats. They have made the important link between employee energy and nourishment, and the food served at work.

My comments: I love seeing businesses that are in the business of making healthy food products live their values in all aspects of their operations.

Office food is the biggest obstacle to wellness, employees say by Valerie Bolden-Barrett (HRDive)

This article references a recent survey by Robert Half that reports that food habits are work are an obstacle to employees achieving their wellness goals.

My comments: I'm delighted to see research that demonstrates the power of food at work and the habits that we can so easily fall into when we have easy access to unhealthy choices. 

Productivity loss dues to overweight and obesity: a systemic review of indirect costs. by Andrea Goettler  (M+BMJ Open)

This health economics study reviews the extent of indirect cost of overweight and obesity. The increasingly high levels of overweight and obesity among the workforce are accompanied by a hidden cost burden due to losses in productivity. 

maintain a happy workforce is moving up as a necessary element for many companies

Read more at:
maintain a happy workforce is moving up as a necessary element for many companies

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My comments: When survey an employer's workforce, we often see results of as much as 65% of a workforce that is overweight or obese. Employers rarely look at the costs associated with these health conditions. This article provides great evidence on the indirect costs of lost productivity.

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Mari Ryan

Written by Mari Ryan

Mari Ryan is the CEO/founder of AdvancingWellness and is a recognized expert in the field of workplace well-being strategy.