Top Three Workplace Wellbeing Articles - Week of May 28, 2018

June 01 2018 / by Mari Ryan

news 48268157_m_123rf.jpgEach week I read a number of workplace wellbeing articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks from this week on our theme of communications. I have added my comments about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Health management: Up your communication game! Create an effective wellness communication strategy. by Brittany Clarke (Willis Towers Watson)

This article addresses the importance of a robust communications strategy and plan for the success of your wellness initiative. It provides tips for branding, presentation, employee involvement, key messaging, communication consistency, distribution channels and combating obstacles.

My comments: I am an big supporter of a comprehensive communications strategy to ensure wellbeing program success. This article is an informative resource packed with tips to help you succeed using the best practices of marketing communications..

Eight Truths to Boost your Wellness Communication by Shawn M. Connors (

This article enforces the need to integrate communications throughout the wellness planning process so it does not become afterthought. It provides excellent guidance on implementing communications including the importance of clarity, brevity, simplicity and layout.

My comments:  The author's "timeless truths" about writing simple inspirational copy are a good reminder to think critically about your audience, their needs, your messaging and delivery. This is a great post.

Benefits communications: If you've got it. Flaunt it! by Vicky Edwards (Thomsons Online)

This article provides insight from a recent UK Thomson Benefit Watch survey which ranks benefits sixth out of all the influences on employee loyalty. The author argues that employers could do better communicating employee benefits and their value. She provides a number of communications strategies to consider.

maintain a happy workforce is moving up as a necessary element for many companies

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maintain a happy workforce is moving up as a necessary element for many companies

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My comments: Clearly employees want information targeted to their needs and delivered in a manner they prefer. From on demand video to social media groups to in person Q & A, there are a many ways to address communications. That's why I like to design a communication strategy as part of a strategic plan.

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Mari Ryan

Written by Mari Ryan

Mari Ryan is the CEO/founder of AdvancingWellness and is a recognized expert in the field of workplace well-being strategy.