Top Three Wellbeing Articles - Week of November 27th

December 01 2017 / by Mari Ryan

Each week I read a number of wellbeing articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks from this week. I have added my comments about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Beanbags And Pingpong Tables Are Useless, Inner Playfulness Is The Key To A Healthy Workplace. by Enoch Li (Forbes)

Li states that "A playful mindset is highly correlated to mental wellbeing and relaxation..." and that a playful mindset can help employees relax at work, while encouraging collaboration.

My comments: Works doesn't have to be druggery or boring. There is plenty of science to support the benefits of play for adults. So lighten up and have some fun.

Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting. by Susan Dynarski (New York Times)

Dynarski discusses a growing body of research that shows that 'Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them.'

My comments: This is nothing more frustrating than being in a meeting with someone who is behind a laptop doing their email. It happens all the time. This article reminds us of the importance of being present in the moment and respectful of other people's time. So close the laptop (and put down your phone).

Why You Should Tell Your Team to Take a Break and Go Outside. by Emma Seppala and Johann Berlin (Harvard Business Review)

Seppala and Berlin make the case for why taking a break, and especially one where you go outside can impact employee well-being, reduce stress, enhance innovative potential, and boost a sense of connection. Citing numerous scientific sources on the benefits of exposure to green space and nature, this article has a number of easy, practical suggestions for breaks that support employee wellbeing.

My comments: The growing body of research on the health benefits of nature can provide numerous benefits in the workplace. Too often, employees feel that they don't have time to take breaks because that is the norm in the culture of the workplace. Time to rethink taking breaks and going out for a walk. 

Mari Ryan, MBA, MHP, CWP is a workplace wellbeing strategist, professional speaker and consultant. For more information visit Follow on Twitter @advwellness_us

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Mari Ryan

Written by Mari Ryan

Mari Ryan is the CEO/founder of AdvancingWellness and is a recognized expert in the field of workplace well-being strategy.