Is there an app for that? Not exactly…

28424679_ml.jpgAs the Champion for our Wellbeing initiative, Advancing Our Own Wellness, I recently reviewed the aggregate data for our annual personal health assessment.

In our action plans we like to use the latest technology, testing it before we recommend new programs to our clients. For most any program we think, "Surely, there's an app for that!" But this time we weren't so sure...

We are a small company so our health risks and interests data is very high level, but we always manage to strategically combine health risks and interests to arrive at a priority that excites us all.

We determined that personal self-care is our top priority for 2017. Our goals are generally two-fold. We’ll support our employees in caring for themselves and in being smart health care consumers. We’ll also use the valuable experience and learning we gain to support our clients.

In researching our approach, I remembered the WELCOA Certification Program I did a couple of years ago, “Empowering Employees to Take Charge of Their Health and Manage their Own Health Care.” WELCOA presented a methodical approach to developing a medical self care initiative including developing a personal and family health record, selecting the right primary care physician and making good use of the heath care system.

As our first step, we decided to collect personal and family health records, because, sadly, none of us had anything comprehensive stored in one place. We will use the WELCOA Personal Health Record and the Surgeon General’s Family Health Portrait to collect our data from doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and family members. Then we will download a simple app and store it across our devices. It will be easy and efficient, right?

Wrong! We did a lot of research. What we want in an app isn’t available and our criteria is not complicated:

  • Create personal and family health records
  • Store records on our mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Upload reports and files
  • Synch across all our devices
  • Share the records with appropriate health care providers.

We need an app that we can trust. Many we reviewed seemed dated, with the most recent updates from 2013. Others had no reviews at all. And when we found an app that looked promising, the most recent review was a horror story of lost data.

So since there’s not an app for us – yet - we are back to pen and paper while we await the right technology for us.

Topics: Worksite Wellness