Free to Roam: The Flexible Workplace

April 24 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Culture, Worksite Culture


When I decided to start my own business after years of working in a corporate setting, I was looking forward to the flexibility that it offered. I would get to choose how I spent my time and what my day looked like, and where I did that work. Increasingly employees are asking for more flexibility in their workdays. They are asking for flexibility in when they work, where they work and how they work. Inherently as humans, we want to have choice. Autonomy is one of the key motivators that drives people to do their best and most productive work. Today, flexibility in the workplace is essential to attract and retain your workforce.

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Don’t Put a Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound: Root Causes of Employee Stress

March 14 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Culture, Worksite Culture


Not long ago, I had a conversation with a Human Resource professional that went something like this. “For the past five years, on our employee engagement surveys there is a clear message about the stress in the workplace.” In that survey, employees were asked questions such as:
  • Choose the adjectives that best describes the culture of the organization
  • People who are successful in the organization (choice of options)
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From Distracted to Driven

January 04 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Personal health, Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, Culture


I feel like I am sliding into home plate as I settled into my chair. The meeting has already begun. I am rushing from my last meeting with barely time to take a bio break. I need a moment to switch gears, to get my thoughts prepared for the conversation for which I am physically present but not quite “in the room” yet.

Once I catch my breath, and I engage in the conversation, I notice that my mind is wandering. Random thoughts are running through my head. Did I remember to mail the mortgage payment? What time am I supposed to be at the event this evening? I feel the urge to reach for my cell phone. I’m finding I’m distracted by these thoughts and lose track of the conversation.

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