Expert Interview: Star Dargin

May 08 2018 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, worksite wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, workplace culture, gratitude at work, wellness, employee happiness, company leadership, ceo, c suite leadership, employee wellness, worksite well-being, millennials, productivity, benefits, managers, hr, leaders, employee engagement, intrinsic motivation, managers and wellbeing, healthy workplace, employee performance, communication, employee camaraderie, wellness strategy, wellness program, strategy, job security, work stress, stress management, stress, engagement strategey, authentic happiness, purpose, happiness, science of happiness, gratitude


Star Dargin is the CEO of Star Leadership, LLC. In her roles as speaker, teacher, facilitator, consultant, and coach, Star and her associates have worked with many leaders, executives, managers, and business owners in all phases of their personal, professional, and organizational growth. In this interview she shares her expertise in the science of gratitude and its application in the workplace. 

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