Expert Interview: Dak Kopec - Human Centered Design

October 24 2018 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, worksite wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, wellness, employee wellness, worksite well-being, hr, employee well-being, corporate wellness, human-centered design


Dak Kopec is an expert in the field of human-centered design and environmental psychology for design. He holds a doctorate degree in environmental psychology, two masters’ degrees, one in architecture and one in community psychology, and an undergraduate degree in health sciences. Dak is the former Director of the Boston Architectural College’s Master of Design Studies in design for human health program, and he is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and Graduate Program in healthcare interior design at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

In this expert interview, AdvancingWellness CEO Mari Ryan explores human-centered design and specifically how that applies to the workplace.

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