Expert Interview: Janet Swaysland

April 17 2018 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, worksite wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, workplace culture, wellness, company leadership, ceo, c suite leadership, employee wellness, worksite well-being, millennials, productivity, money, benefits, managers, hr, leaders, employee engagement, intrinsic motivation, managers and wellbeing, healthy workplace, employee performance, communication, employee camaraderie, wellness strategy, wellness program, strategy, financial wellbeing, retirement, job security, work stress, stress management, financial stress, stress, resiliency, janet swaysland, engagement strategey


Janet Swaysland of Bluefire Partners works with leaders and teams to understand what's working and what's in the way; create new structures and frameworks for more effective communication; devise creative approaches to content and channels; and help internal teams up their game and gain new influence across the organization. In this expert interview we discuss how to spot employees who are genuinely engaged workers. We also explore when an employee is motivated, what are they connected to that motivates them? Most importantly, we talk about the business impact of an engaged workforce.

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