Expert Interview: Leigh Stringer

March 20 2018 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, worksite wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, workplace culture, happiness at work, improving employee productivity, wellness, leadership skills, work environment, employee happiness, measuring wellbeing, Leigh Stringer, company leadership, ceo, cfo, c suite leadership, employee wellness, worksite well-being, work productivity loss, productivity, money, benefits, managers, hr, leaders, employee engagement, financial wellbeing, top line, sales, bottom line


The focus of wellness programs used to be on reducing health risks, with the goal of reducing health care costs. Now we understand that the financial benefits of employee wellbeing are most impactful on a company's bottom line. No one knows this better than Workplace Researcher and Strategist, Leigh Stringer, of EYP Inc. In this interview, Leigh details the research and strategies used by top companies to compete for the top line as well as the bottom line through the use of employee wellbeing.

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