Top Three Wellbeing Articles - Week of November 27th

December 01 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, Worksite Culture


Each week I read a number of wellbeing articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks from this week. I have added my comments about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

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Is your workplace building making you sick?

August 28 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Personal health, Worksite Wellness, Worksite Culture


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Don’t Put a Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound: Root Causes of Employee Stress

March 14 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness, Culture, Worksite Culture


Not long ago, I had a conversation with a Human Resource professional that went something like this. “For the past five years, on our employee engagement surveys there is a clear message about the stress in the workplace.” In that survey, employees were asked questions such as:
  • Choose the adjectives that best describes the culture of the organization
  • People who are successful in the organization (choice of options)
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Is there an app for that? Not exactly…

March 14 2017 / by Leslee McGovern, MS, RD, LDN, CWPM posted in Worksite Wellness


As the Champion for our Wellbeing initiative, Advancing Our Own Wellness, I recently reviewed the aggregate data for our annual personal health assessment.

In our action plans we like to use the latest technology, testing it before we recommend new programs to our clients. For most any program we think, "Surely, there's an app for that!" But this time we weren't so sure...

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From Distracted to Driven

January 04 2017 / by Mari Ryan posted in Personal health, Worksite Wellness, Wellbeing, Culture


I feel like I am sliding into home plate as I settled into my chair. The meeting has already begun. I am rushing from my last meeting with barely time to take a bio break. I need a moment to switch gears, to get my thoughts prepared for the conversation for which I am physically present but not quite “in the room” yet.

Once I catch my breath, and I engage in the conversation, I notice that my mind is wandering. Random thoughts are running through my head. Did I remember to mail the mortgage payment? What time am I supposed to be at the event this evening? I feel the urge to reach for my cell phone. I’m finding I’m distracted by these thoughts and lose track of the conversation.

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Three Ways You’re Doing Worksite Wellness Wrong (And How to Get It Right!)

November 02 2016 / by Laura Ingalls CHHC, CPT posted in Worksite Wellness, Worksite Culture



Most wellness programs are designed while looking through the lens of money. Who are the most expensive employees? What can we do to change those employees so they will cost less? What you get when this is your focus is policies that charge overweight, tobacco-using employees more money for health insurance than their slender, healthier counterparts and all but forces these individuals into programs that they may or may not be ready for or even interested in participating in.

These are the wellness programs where very little changes in overall employee health and the money you were hoping to save goes down the drain along with the additional cost of your failing wellness program.


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AdvancingWellness CEO Honored by CDC

September 30 2016 / by Laura Ingalls CHHC, CPT posted in Worksite Wellness


AdvancingWellness CEO Mari Ryan Recognized at Inaugural Work@Health® Conference:

ATLANTA, GA. On Friday, September 23rd, AdvancingWellness CEO, Mari Ryan, received the Outstanding Master Trainer award during the inaugural Work@Health® Conference co-hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ASHLIN Management Group.

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Celebrating the Launch of Working on Wellness

November 02 2015 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness


AdvancingWellness is pleased to celebrate the launch of the Working on Wellness program.
Last week we welcomed the first group of Massachusetts employers in to the program.
Working on Wellness is Massachusetts' newest initiative to support employers implementing comprehensive, evidence-based worksite wellness initiatives. The program specifically aims to reach businesses or organizations that are smaller, have low-wage workers, and do not have the internal capacity to implement a comprehensive wellness program.

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Workplace Wellness: The indisputable, the debatable and where we go from here

September 10 2015 / by Mari Ryan posted in Worksite Wellness


Every HR professional has a full plate of responsibilities - and
workplace wellness has become a standard item on the menu. Especially in light of the Supreme Court's recent ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, it is likely that workplace wellness is here to stay.  Meanwhile, workplace wellness is a field that has more questions than answers, and HR professionals are often left trying to sort out the pieces.

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Is US Missing Out on Reasons Worksite Wellness is Good for Business?

May 20 2015 / by advwellness posted in Worksite Wellness

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By Valorie Bender, CWPM

I have been working in the field of corporate health promotion for over five years. During that time I have read studies and listened to expert speakers explain how companies have saved, or may save, on health care costs by implementing a wellness program. I honestly believe, over time, a well executed and comprehensive wellness program can achieve such results. I have also come to believe there are other, perhaps more compelling, reasons to have a wellness program. The rest of world seems to agree. A 2014 survey[i] of over 1,000 companies from around the world, shared why their organizations participate in corporate wellness.

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