The Thriving Hive Book

Coming in September 2018!

AW-Book-Cover-Thriving-Hive-wSTThe Thriving Hive is a simple, yet insightful story about a company CEO whose organization is no longer attracting and retaining the kinds of employees the organization needs to remain competitive and keep their customers happy. 

Her mentor, the former CEO, introduces her to two very different beehives and his unconventional look at how organizations can support or diminish the well-being of their employees.  The Dive Hive reveals the pitfalls of leadership that focuses on profits. While the Alive Hive shows how productive a workforce can be when the culture prioritizes employee well-being.

The story, replete with interesting characters, takes you on a journey as the bees experience hive-threatening situations and shows how each hive prepares for and deals with adversity.  You'll meet the management teams and worker bees who represent typical employees in any organization and learn from the CEO's observations. 

This business parable is a quick read for anyone who wants guidance for creating a culture of well-being, purpose, vitality, and satisfaction, for an all-encompassing employee experience.

The story shows why organizations should put their people first and why the well-being of the workforce is the most valuable asset of any business that wants to be successful for the long-term. In this book you will learn:

  • How to create an organizational culture that supports the well-being of the workforce
  • The link between employee well-being and engagement, productivity and commitment, and
  • Strategic viewpoints and tactical practices that support employee well-being.


What People Are Saying

An entertaining treasure trove of information for those who are making employee well-being a top priority. A must read!

Joy Curtis
SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer
Cambridge Health Alliance

You’ll fly through this parable, fall in love with the characters, and delight in the message. Better than Who Moved My Cheese – this is the story of organizational well-being.

Suzanne Bates, CSP, CEO
Bates, A Global Leadership Development Firm
Author, All the Leader You Can Be, Speak Like a CEO, Motivate Like a CEO, & More


A refreshingly unique take on the importance of investing in employees. Valuable takeaways to bring back to your teams.

Kay Mooney
Vice President Workforce Well-being and Inclusion

Mari’s book provides a road map for companies to provide employees with the right organizational culture to avoid an absconding swarm and keep the beehive as productive as possible.

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV & Radio Host, Speaker, Author, and Part-Time Cowboy

The Thriving Hive – phenomenal quick read that supports a motto I live by:  our people are our greatest asset and we must put them first. Profits will follow. Spot on!

Kip Hollister
Founder & CEO
Hollister Staffing & Hollister Institute

Mari Ryan’s The Thrive Hive is a fun and entertaining story that uses a beehive parable to convey the key ingredients that go into building a people-centric organization. It successfully illustrates why employee well-being isn’t just a nice-to-have in today’s workplace, but a business imperative.

David Shadovitz
Human Resource Executive Magazine

Told through a story that delights, Mari Ryan skillfully guides the reader through the fundamentals of building a thriving workplace. A must-read for any leader seeking practical ideas on how to breathe new life into their team or organization.

Laura Putnam
CEO, Motion Infusion
Author, Workplace Wellness That Works

The Thriving Hive is for corporate wellness what Who Moved My Cheese is for organizational change. Ryan's parable style is engaging and her story goes straight to the point. When leaders care about their employees and give them autonomy and purpose, they thrive. This book is a fast read and the perfect tool to help executives, managers and employees better understand what it really means to work in a healthy workplace.

Leigh Stringer,
Author, The Healthy Workplace:
How to Improve the Well-being of Your Employees and Boost Your Company's Bottom Line

An entertaining fable about how to strengthen and increase the buzz in our hive.

Tad Mitchell
CEO & President, WellRight

Through the ingenious parable told in The Thriving Hive, this book is an entertaining way to examine the importance of creating a workplace culture that values the contributions of every employee. Mari Ryan shows us the link between employee well-being and engagement, productivity and commitment.

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of California School of Medicine (UCSF)
Author of Change Your Genes, Change Your Life


It’s time for Who Moved My Cheese to step aside, as The Thriving Hive brings to light the next generation of leadership and organizational enhancement. Ryan effectively integrates well-doing into the well-being equation, and provides an enjoyable ride for the reader along the way.

Brad  Cooper, MSPT, MBA, ATC, CWC
CEO – US Corporate Wellness
Co-founder – The Catalyst Coaching Institute

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